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Will My Partner Receive My VA (Veterans Affairs) Disability When I Die?

October 7, 2022

Veterans will often ask if their spouses, partners, and children if they will receive VA Disability after their death. The answer is that there are certain circumstances where a Veteran’s family might receive benefits if the Veteran dies, and the type of benefit depends on the circumstances surrounding the Veterans death. Family members may be…

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Can A 100% Disabled Veteran own a Business?

August 12, 2022

A frequently asked question amongst many veterans is: Are 100% disabled veterans allowed to own a business and continue to collect VA benefits, the answer, is yes, but there is an exception to this rule. First, it is important to distinguish being having a disability rating of 100%, versus the VA paying the Veteran at…

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A wooden gavel resting on a green book labeled "VA Disability Claim," surrounded by scattered U.S. dollar bills.

The Three Pillars of a Successful VA Disability Claim

August 5, 2022

There are certain conditions that the VA does not consider eligible for service connection, such as congenital or hereditary diseases and conditions, these may have developed due to the veteran’s own willful misconduct. To alleviate the process of filing a claim there are 3 main pillars of a successful VA disability that has to be…

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A person in a blue suit signs a VA disability rating document on a wooden desk, with a blank white paper beside the form.

How Do I Know If My VA Disability Is Permanent?

July 15, 2022

Disability ratings that have been in effect for a particular period of time are protected by the VA. Your VA disability rating may become permanent in some instances and the VA may terminate or alter a veteran’s disability rating based on particular circumstances unless certain regulatory protections kick in. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)…

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Two individuals, including Andrew Gross from Veterans Affairs, signing documents related to the SAH Grant at a table, focusing on their hands and the papers.

Are There Grants for Disabled Veteran’s?

July 8, 2022

The Department of Veterans Affairs has expanded the Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grant program not only to cover less severely injured veterans but also to increase the number of veterans who can participate. This program is meant to assist seriously injured veterans in making their houses safe and liveable. The changes were made effective on…

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What is the Most Common Disability?

May 27, 2022

Veterans all across the country approach the Department of Veterans Affairs for various service-connected disabilities, as many veterans suffer from traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) as a result of severe injuries or improvised explosive devices (IEDs), but some of the most common claims are all linked, directly or indirectly to Tinnitus  What is Tinnitus? Tinnitus is…

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What Is The Claims File?

May 13, 2022

In short, the “Claims File,” or “C-File” for short, is your entire record at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). At its most basic level, your claims file is everything the VA has in relation to your claim(s) for benefits and compensation. What does the C-File contain? The C-File will contain (or should contain) all…

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Common Mistakes – Not Evaluating TDIU

May 6, 2022

What is TDIU? TDIU (Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability) is a disability benefit that allows veterans to be compensated at a 100%, without being a scheduler 100%, which means that all ratings add up to 100%. When a veteran can’t work, they should be compensated at that 100% level because they are unemployable and…

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Maryland State Property Tax Exemption Benefits

April 29, 2022

Veterans with a 100% rating from the VA for permanent and total disability are exempt from paying property taxes on their homes. This means that they will not have to pay taxes on the home they use as their legal residence. The History The Maryland State Codes, MD Tax Property §7-208, has provided tax exemptions…

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What is Clear and Unmistakable Error (CUE)?

April 22, 2022

Clear and Unmistakable Error (CUE) is a highly specialized and rare type of error that when brought to the attention of later reviewers, shows that the outcome would have been dramatically different if not for the error. This could have dramatically changed the outcome of your claim as well as the monthly benefits you receive.…

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