Attorney Andy Gross Secures Discharge Upgrade for GWOT Veteran

October 27, 2021

The Global War on Terror-era Veteran sought our services in appealing his VA Disability Compensation claim. Andy discovered that the VA had earlier made a number of mistakes in assigning the Veteran his rating, and was able to convince the VA to upgrade his rating to 100%.

Realizing that this young Veteran had served his country honorably, but had struggled when returning home from a traumatic deployment, Andy set to work on appealing his discharge from General, Under Honorable Conditions. The Department of Defense has recently realized that PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injuries amongst service members resulted in many engaging in minor misconduct, and directed that the Boards of Correction for Military Records give the benefit of the doubt when they sought to correct their military records.

After two years of waiting, the Veteran was informed that his discharge had been upgraded to Honorable. As a result, his entitlement to GI Bill benefits has been reinstated.

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