Over $100,000 in Past-Due Benefits Award to Veteran!

November 2, 2021

Please Note: Not all cases are the same, and every client has a unique set of circumstances. Not every case will result in large settlements.

Past-Due Benefits Awarded to Veteran

Andy Gross is thrilled to announce that it was able to secure over $100,000 in past-due Veterans Benefits for a Veteran who was originally denied compensation by the Veterans Administration (VA) for several service-connected disabilities.

When the Global War on Terror-era Veteran sought our services, he was suffering from chronic back pain caused by arthritis and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The disabilities he incurred during his service to our nation resulted in the Veteran having significant difficulty working, despite his efforts and strong work ethic. The VA only rated his disabilities at a combined 30% after deciding that some of his disabilities were not service-connected.

Originally, the VA had determined that his arthritis and PTSD were not service-connected. Andrew “Andy” Gross, the firm’s lead Veterans Benefits attorney, discovered that the Veteran’s Claims and Pension exam was insufficient and did not adequately address evidence of in-service back problems. With the Veteran’s help, Andy was also able to find additional evidence that confirmed the in-service stressors causing his PTSD. With the new evidence in hand, Andy argued the case to the Decision Review Officer, who ultimately found that both the PTSD and arthritis were service-connected and therefore entitled to compensation. The Veteran is now rated at 100% and is also receiving Special Monthly Compensation, due to the extent of his disabilities.

This case underscores the value of an experienced Veterans Benefits attorney. The firm was able to discover the errors in the process that caused the original denial, and to discover the additional evidence the VA needed to find in favor of the Veteran. It also underscores the importance of appealing in a timely manner by filing a Supplemental Claim, Request for Higher Level Review, or request for review by the Board of Veterans Appeals.

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Attorney Andy Gross is a veteran of the U.S. Army, having served in the U.S. Army Reserves, Maryland Army National Guard, and Active Component as a Judge Advocate. He understands the issues related to military service and appealing VA Disability Compensation Benefits Claims. Call today or click here to get started!