Boating Accidents

Have you been in a boating accident?

Although Maryland Boaters are required to know how to properly handle their vessel, maybe they do not take the required courses or understand the “rules of the road” when on the water. Just because someone can afford to purchase a boat or personal watercraft (jet ski), it does not mean that they know how to safely operate the vessel. Sometimes, when going on a pleasure cruise in Ocean City as a tourist or taking a water taxi to cross Baltimore’s world famous Inner Harbor, Captains and Crew take shortcuts, putting customers at risk for injury. Litigating these cases is more complicated than a car accident, as there are a number of federal laws and regulations that relate to navigable waterways. Attorney Andy Gross is not just an accomplished lawyer, but he has spent a lot of time on the water as a sailor, crew, and PADI-certified Divemaster. The Captain and Crew of a vessel has an important role in protecting the safety of their passengers. Common scenarios involving negligent injuries on boats include:

  • Going out on the water in poor weather or when the Captain should have known that the weather was going to get bad.
  • Boating collisions as a result of not following the rules of the road.
  • Collisions with fixed objects
  • Overcrowding or overloading of the vessel.
  • Failing to bring along adequate safety equipment.
  • Poorly maintained vessels.
  • Boating under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Propeller Strikes
  • Failure to display proper navigation lights when traveling at night.
  • Reckless and Careless Operation